Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What are ATC's or Artist trading cards, you ask? Do you remember when your kids or even your husband collected small cards with pictures of famous baseball players or pokemon, well that is kind of what a artist trading card is. It's a small card the same size as one of those cards but where baseball cards are mass-produced these small cards are individually hand-made by artists like you and they are traded to other artists.

You could say you hold a tiny work of art in your hand. Now I heard about these cards when I arrived in the States but never knew how to trade them, but that's before I started blogging and it has opened a whole new group of would-be artists who are just waiting to trade... so get out you paints, pens, papers, anything and join Debbie and me in trading your pieces of art.

We are going to have a monthly theme. July is going to be "Sisters" as I met Debbie through the bloggerette sorority. If you would like to take part then leave a comment saying you would like to join us. Be sure to include your blog address and email. We will contact you with a list of addresses... then you just have to make your cards and we will start trading.....It easy and fun.

We would like to keep the swap quite simple so we will try and keep rules to a minimum, the aim of the swap is mainly to have fun!

1. The swap is only open to USA based participants. Sorry but maybe later we will open it to wider areas.

2. The ATC must be 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches (regulation ATC size)

3. The ATCs must be sent in an envelope with the correct postage.

4. You can use any media to create your ATC unless specified in that month's theme.

5. Please make sure your ATC is sturdy enough to withstand posting, ATC holders or clear plastic covers can be used.

6.Remember to post your ATC on your blog for everyone to admire!

7. Please sent out your ATC on the 15th of the month.

There are the themes for each month so if you want you can get ahead.

July - (Sisters). please have you cards ready to sent out on the 19th so everyone receives their swap before the end of the month. Sorry for the rush but next month you will have until the 15th.
Ausgust- (orange)
September- (leaves)
October - (dark)
November -(open what ever you want to send.)
December -(Angels)

I hope you will join Debbie and me. It is going to be FUN


  1. Hi Debbie and Wendy,
    Oh gosh, I can't participate this summer, but I will see how things go in the fall...Going to be gone alot of the time! But, this is a GREAT idea!!!

  2. I would love to join. My blog is and my email is
    I had sent an email, but I am not sure it went through. I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. This will be a first for me. I would like to join in starting with August. Thanks it sounds like fun. Sharon Chapman

  4. I just found you through another blog and I would like to join your lovely swap starting with August. I wish I hadn't missed July as I just did a sisters collage last week! Thanks.

  5. Hi girls! I was directed to your swap site through MzMollye. I would love to join your swap group for August. I love to make ATC's both mixed media and digital. Count me in please

    Patti Koosed


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