Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Good morning I wasn't going to post this morning but I have been reading some of emails,and some of you are worried... worried about how to make a ATC.
Here some of the questions..

Do I do the back of the card as well ?

You do need to put you contact info your name , blog http and if it has a title that too and also the number eg. 1/6 or 2/6. And if you want to draw on the back as well , then go for it , there are no rules...

I don't have photo shop can I hand make them?

Yes ATC's are about what you do, if you sow then you can make them from cloth and sow on them. If you are a stamper then you would stamp images. I work with paper I been told I have a paper addiction but that's something else... so my ATC are mostly paper. I'v seen painted ones, ones with cut out newspaper words. In ATC's anything goes...I not seen food one yet but I live in hope for a chocolate one.Mmmmmm!

So make your ATC of what ever you want , if it comes from your heart then we will love it. This is not a contest or an exam to see who can do the best,cutest. It is about sharing your work and your heart.... and having fun.

I looking forwards to seeing your creations. Debbie is going to post later on the numbers and remind you about addresses. If you have any more questions please feel free to email us and we will try to answer as soon as possible. Hugs Wendy & Debbie


  1. Hi, I am new to blogging and have never participated in a swap. I have a few questions. Can I join now and start with the August swap? How do I join? Do I have to be a member of the Bloggerete society to join? my contact info is.

  2. Thanks for clearing up a few questions I had! Looking forward to this!!!

  3. Thanks for clearing this up...I was on the fence on whether I would participate or not. Think I'll see how July goes and then participate in August. I mostly work in digital, but I have an idea of how I can "collage" one on to an actual trading card....I shall give it a shot and see how it goes!

  4. Just want to thank the two of you (Wendy and Debbie) for the time, work and effort that you have put into this activity. I know that it takes a lot of all three to get anything new started. I hope that y'all do not start asking yourselves. "What have we created?"

    Debbie, I got your email, and replied by email, but will respond here also (I do not find cyber-space reliable). I understand that it is probably too late for me to participate in July's swap. If so, I will look forward to August.

    Thanks again,


  5. Thank you for the lovely invitation to join! I think I better hold off for now, as I stay pretty busy coordinating ATC swaps for a group I'm in on Swap-bot, and then doing the blog challenges I'm involved in. I'm sure you will have fun and I will keep in touch!


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