Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Blissfull ATC Swap Now Begins

We have ironed out the details. (We hope!)
You each should have recieved an email with your partners name and all the particulars.
You will have until the 19th this month to send out your ATC, since we are starting late.
We are swapping one on one and will be glad to accomadate any late comers.
Next month we will post partners on the 1st and you will send out your ATC on the 15th.
We are posting the themes for the coming months so, you can make your ATC up ahead of time, if you like. Or, if you are like me and need awhile to think about what I will do.
If for any reason you would like to opt out for a month, that's fine. As the partners rotate we can accomadate when you get busy and life happens.
We also may have someone that wants to trade with more than 1 person each month. If you will let us know we will see what we can work out.
It is fun to recieve little treasures in the mail and we want you to have fun making the ATC's. We all have different skill and experience levels, so do your own thing!
Please email to this address:
Love to all,


  1. I would love to join in on your swap for next month (aug).. I tried to email but for some reason it would go thru! Computers drive me crazy sometimes..

    Thanks, Linda

  2. You did good.Mine is ready to mail. It sure makes you think .Do we post a picture before we send or when we recieve? Have a great evening Laura

  3. Hey guess what I got mine ready to mail also...I am wondering when to post the picture we wait till the person notifies us they recieved it...or all post onthe 19th?

    this will be lots of fun..

  4. I sent an email requesting to join up for next month. Very excited!

  5. Oh, sign me up for August ATC!


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