Thursday, August 26, 2010

Are There Any ATC Swaps...

I one day went looking to see if I
could find another ATC swap.
Where could I look to find
such a thing. 
Yes, there is a place to find
most any kind of blog.
there you will find blogs
listed by categories.

This blog will be listed in
the Mixed Media category.

all types of resources.
Help for beginning bloggers,
you can list your giveaways
there and there is a place to
post your Link party.

The best part of all, is
you can list your blog for free!
What is even better, until
August 30th, you can list your
blog and they will add your
blog button free as well.
(The usual cost for adding a
blog button is $20.)

Visit their website for the details
but, don't delay this offer is only
good through 5:00 p.m.  pst August 30th.

Love  to all,


  1. Hey thanks Debbie, I've been wanting to do a post about this venue, too. I found them a while ago, and immediately listed with them. I wish there was a way to track how much traffic you get from them, as I can't tell you if it's made a difference for me or not.


  2. Thanks Debbie that is a great piece of info. Can't wait for the swap partners to come out. I am working on mine now.


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