Saturday, December 31, 2011

Swap Partners and check out the winner takes all lottery

Happy New year to all our swappers. The mail out date is January 15th for all out new swappers. The links on the side will take you to your partners blogs. Email them for their mailing address.   Also while you are here check out  the winner takes all lottery  .... new for 2012. Details here

Darlene Rolls ....Karla Jackson
Donna Lanclos....Janet Ghio
Karen Hess...Laura Boyd
Lisa Kay Balazs...Wendy Aspinall
Mercedes Scott....Michele Kaplan (Blogless)
Oliva Ohlson ....Melanie Statnick
Peggy Jones...Wendy Kelelson
Susan Mc Dowell... Sonya Nelson
Victoria Resh.......Penny Plum
Patti Koosed .....Lynn Fox

Happy swapping
Hugs Wendy

Friday, December 30, 2011



Open to the blissfull swappers

WTA stands for “Winner Takes All.”

This isn’t a contest and you don’t need to upload any photos.
How do you play? Each player emails me with the kind of ATC 
they would like to receive. eg. blue , Easter, stream punk

Every month I will choose a winner from the list on the blog using  and then sent the winners mailing address via email
The lottery will be open until the 10th of each month..I will pull the name on the 11th and email everyone who took part.  

Your ATC should arrive BEFORE 31st of that month. 
On the 1st of the month I will open a new lottery 

 Every player in the round must send an ATC to the winner. 
Senders must email me with the date they send the ATC to the winner.  
The winner will post all they winnings on their blog.
Remember, you can’t win if you don’t play! subject WTA.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Theme for January and reminder

Christmas is fast approaching... the sign up for January's swap is if you'd like to take part . The theme is The world of Jane Austin.. and if you need images both of these blogs have some stunning Jane Austin images for you to use.

also Rose at has a whole post with wonderful Jane Austin images
Have a wonderful weekend
~Hugs Wendy~
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