Sunday, January 30, 2011

I need one more younger swapper to make the numbers even!

I need one more young swapper to make the numbers even ... do you know someone who likes to paint, draw , sow, and would like to swap an ATC with another young swapper ... please email me today.  You don't need to give me their real name . They can use a faux one or just say my daughter or son and we are open to all ages.  

Hugs Wendy

Friday, January 28, 2011

And it's the last few get your name down to swap.

Hurry,hurry it's the last few day before the partners get listed... I don't want to miss anyone who wants to swap so please if you don't see you name on the sidebar for the February swap and you want to swap. Please email me today.....

and on a lighter, note we have lots of new and young swappers joining us. I want to let them know that I will be sending a little thank you for joining... so big super sized thank you to you all...  Hugs Wendy

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Never to YOUNG to MAKE a ATC... last week to get your name down for February's swap

It turns out the Misty one of our swapper has already made a blog for Kids to swap and show their ATC. So I'm linking so you all can go check them out

... I need more young swappers.... and last week to get yout name down for February's swap

Saturday, January 22, 2011

we have two (YOUNG) swappers sign up (let the children swap) and check if your name is on the side bar

Morning everyone
Maria has signed her two children to swap this month. This will be fun to have some young artists joining us... I am putting faux names down on the blog.... so I would like to welcome Mario and Luigi to the swap and I look forwards to seeing your ATC.... if you have any young swappers who would like to join the February  swap please email me....  and please email me if you want to be next months swap . The theme is LOVE.

Hugs Wendy

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just a idea....let the kids swap...and check the side bar for your name if you want to swap in February

A few weeks ago Angela and I were chatting about children and I had an idea .

Why not let our children swap ATC  too ... So as part of the February swap I am offering that if you have a daughter, son, grandchild , who would like to made a ATC  and  swap.   ....I will pair  you and your child  up so when you swap, your child can swap too with another child.... It won't cost anymore to send as you will be sending your ATC anyway.... Email me if you and your child/children want to take part....

Also  reminder  about  checking to see if your name is on the side bar for February .. if it is not and you want to take part please email me.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The beautiful snow, white ATC's are falling

When I decided on this theme for January little did I know that we would have snow just about every where...I hope I didn't jinks us but the ATC's are beautiful and like the falling snow more will come....

Thank you to all of you for taking part and little reminder that if you don't see your name on the sidebar for February.

You are not taking part .... please email if you want to be included.....
Thanks and keep warm...

Hugs Wendy

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Change is good! sometimes

Dear swappers
Let see if we can sort out this mess with who want to swap, who doesn't, if you need to email me and when.

When Debbie and I first started this swap blog. We decided it would be easier to put each person name automatically down on list for the next month... BUT I've had so many people dropping out after the partner list had been posted that it is a mess.
So this month decided I would email everyone to ask did you want to take part, BUT that's not working...

This months swap has  38 people so you can understand sometimes logistically this is a nightmare. To check who swapping , who's not, who dropped out completely and who wants to do every swap.

SO I'm asking you to help me out.

If you want to take part in a swap email me two weeks before the end of the month ... I will put the names on a side bar if you don't see you name, then please email me again.

and please bear with me, I am trying to make this a fun, experience for everyone including myself.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

The white and snow ATC swap for January and the swap partners

 Welcome to 20011 and to all the great swap we are going to do this year. We are kicking off 20011 with a theme "white and snow."

I think nearly all of us have had some snow this year and I sure you have some pretty photos like me... I'm also opening the Blissfull ATC swap to swappers in Canada. Welcome!

The swap partners for January

Amy P..........  Marlene
Anna ..........Patti
Blanche..... Peggy
Courtney...... Penny
Debbie R .......Robin
Dee Dee........Sharon
Jane ....Susan
Laura ....Victoria
Laura T......Lelia
Kisa Kay......Wendy
Maria V......... Marilyn
Meri .........Francie
Sandy W.... Wendy

All the links are on the sidebar and please email your partners for their mailing addresses.
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