Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blissful ATC news letter February 2013

  Happy Valentines day to everyone

 First I have some housekeeping jobs 

 I wanted to explain some of the rules of the group and why I do it this way.  

I have had emails asking if I can sign people up for all the swaps at once 

No sorry!

When Debbie and I first started the group that's how we did run it but we would get people backing out  after the partners had been assigned  because they now had too many commitments or they would forget about the swap all together     .... or we get people telling us they wanted to do this swap and then not this one  and it be came a big headache to kept track of..  

By asking each person to take the time to email for each swap I can be assured they are fully committed to follow through with the swap their have signed up for. 

I understand how it hard to remember to email me but  that's why I started sending out this newsletter vie email as well as on the blog  to remind everyone that they needed to sign up for the next swap.....  

and please, please use this email address 

What is the WTA lottery ? Winner takes all 

An monthly lottery to win your choice of themed ATC's from each person who sighed up. 

Partner assignment 

While I'll try to make sure you are getting a different partner each time, I do not keep track of it any more.  I did  but then I lost the database  and wow what a difference to the time, stress  
I had to put in each month.   

 I will do my very best to make sure you get a different partner each month  but I can not promise it will happen and I hope you will understand. 

  Also to keep this group active I have gone through the contacts list  and removing the membership who have not swapped with us for a while....    

and New today I have added a new page to the top of the blog  (just under the header)  the email addresses to all our members.

  As of next month I will not add the links to the side bar anymore Just your name with no link. You will need to go to the address page to find the email address of your partner. 

Big changes but I hope helpful to you and to me 

Thank you for you support  

 Sylvia Lane (BL) ....Penny plum
Laura Rue .....  Kaylene Maalste  
Melanie Statnick......Peggy Jones
Kim Gillian... Kathy Davis -oakland
Meri Wiley... Sonyan Nelson
 Electra fisher.....April Bloome (BL)
Kamail Master (BL) ..... Caroline Ouzts Hau

   Remember we are swapping three ATC's

Email your partners directly for their mailing addresses.
NEW!  I have put all the email addresses for all our members on a page at the top of the blog.... under EMAIL ADDRESSES  from next month the link list on the side bar will not work ... 
mail out your ATC before or on the15th

This month WTA winner is 

~ Laura Rue   ~

  would like "  green  " themed ATC's

please mail your ATC to 
 before the end of the month
thank you

March's theme"Fabric"  
(use  some fabric on your ATC)    

sign up is open, email

March's WTA is also open
don't for get to add the theme of the ATC you'd like 

Also don't forget we do have a flickr group so you can add your photos of your blissfull swaps

Hugs Wendy

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