Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Blissfull newsletter ( April 2018)

Welcome to the Blissfull ATC swap 

Swap themes for 2018
January .... Mint, lemon 
March....Where's my crown
April.....Flags of the world 
May ...Back to wonderland
June .... Bewitched
July....Hollywood stars
August...Bakery Goodies
October ... Magic potions
November.... Sunset 
December... Oh Christmas tree 

 you only need sign up  for the swaps you like but I hope you will sign up for all.

Swap partners are below 
 Enjoy your swaps 

April's swap 
Flags of the world  

  Diane Pineschi...Judi Lindsay
  Gwen Luttrell... Valerie Hosse
Andrea Le Bel.....Jarmila Stasakova
Brenda Murphy.....Wendy Aspinall

May's swap
 Back to wonderland  

One partner three different cards but all in the same theme please.

 Please mail out your swaps before the end of the month. 
thank you  

 Sign up is open

Don't forget we also have a flickr group so you can add your blissfull swap photos

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