Monday, May 2, 2016

blissfull news ( May 2016)

May....  Can you believe it? nearly time for school to be out and summer vacations. 
Watermelon, swimming and ice cream cones.  Okay so you all know what I'm day dreaming about.  So there's June's swap theme  Day dreamer whether it's of long sandy beaches or lying under a palm tree....  let your imagination soar.  
   Don't forget to add to our new  GET TO KNOW YOU email ... Make sure you reply all when you add to it.  Thank you to all   who have already added to it. It's a pleasure to read a wee bit about you all and I refute all claims I was drinking when I let Carmen join our group... well maybe sometime I have a glass of wine while reading my emails , but who doesn't! 

The swap partners are below. Enjoy your swaps 


 We have our swap themes for the new year 

Swap theme for 2016

January..... Frozen Mornings
February ..... Cherish 

March ....Odd Dreams
April....... Mellow Yellow

May... Tuscan Sun
June ..... Day Dreamer

July.... Summer Breeze
August .... Word up

September .....Just ladies 
October.....  Welcome to Sleepy Hollow

November...... Thankful heart

December ... Tis the season

Remember you need only sign up for the ones you like but I hope you'll sign up for each one 
May 's swap theme
Tuscan Sun 

Dianna Roderick.....  Anne Fowler
Beverley Lowe.....Valerie Chastain 
 Diana Pineschi ...  Laurie Davis....
Paula Fagerberg......Carmen Garcia......

Welcome to our new members

 Remember we are swapping three ATC's so you need to send three different Artist trading cards to your partner in the theme of the swap.

Email your partners directly for their mailing addresses.
NEW!  I have put all the email addresses for all our members on a page at the top of the blog.... under EMAIL ADDRESSES  from next month the link list on the side bar will not work ... 

please mail your ATC's 
 before the end of the month
thank you

June 's theme
Day Dreamer 

sign up is open, email

Also don't forget we do have a flickr group so you can add your photos of your blissfull swaps

Hugs Wendy

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