Tuesday, January 28, 2014

BliSSFuLL NeWS ( February 2014)

Happy New year and a new look to the swap 
also some fun swap themes for this year  

 for February  theme  Zetti)

Julie Conrad .... Kamail Masters
Peggy Jones ... Sonya Nelson
Melanie Statnick.... Laura Rude
Sandra Carey... Patti Fisher 

Welcome to our new members

 Remember we are swapping three ATC's so you need to sent three different Artist trading cards to your partner in the theme of the swap.

Email your partners directly for their mailing addresses.
NEW!  I have put all the email addresses for all our members on a page at the top of the blog.... under EMAIL ADDRESSES  from next month the link list on the side bar will not work ... 
mail out your ATC before or on the15th

please mail your ATC to 
 before the end of the month
thank you

March's theme
" Oriental  "  


sign up is open, email

Also don't forget we do have a flickr group so you can add your photos of your blissfull swaps

Hugs Wendy


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