Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the blissfullatc news letter ( August 2012)

I just looked at the themes for the rest of the year and realized, we are nearly through this year and before we know it... It will be  Halloween and then Christmas.... although with this hot weather it's hard to think of Christmas.  
But I'm thinking of new themes for next year ... if you have any ideas  Please feel free to drop me a line at my email address ... Sometime my tired brain needs some help! Also if any of you are up for a blog party...  Kim and I are hosting our first one    

the theme is a circus party under the moon .... taking  inspiration from 
the book " the  night circus" or the bright and colorful circus we know and love ....  I hope you'll join us.    Here's the link and lastly A big welcome to our newest members to the of them being my baby sister Julie from England   

Amy Yingling .... Dazee Dames
Donnalee Nichols...... Electra Fisher
Johanna Lauze... Michele Kaplan (BL)
Julie Taylor.....Karla Jackson
Kamali Masters ( BL ) ....... Peggy Jones 
Katie Radke....... Laura Boyd
Laura Rue ..... Sonya Nelson

Email your partners directly for their mailing addresses. The links are on the side bar.
mail out your ATC before or on the15th

This month WTA winner is 
~Laura Rue~

  would like " Childhood" themed ATC's

please mail your ATC to 
 before the end of the month
thank you

September's theme is
" How the west was won,  cowboys and Indians"

Remember we are swapping three ATC's

sign up is open, email

September's WTA is also open
don't for get to add the theme of the ATC you'd like 

Hugs Wendy

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