Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nothing more disappointing

There is nothing more disappointing than running to the mail each day hoping that you will get a ATC from your swap partner.

We are having a lot of swappers who are not contacting their partners and are not sending back ATC's, which is disappointing for me and for the person who has send a piece of their art... 

I want this to be fun and enjoyable swap for all . So a reminder if you sign up for a swap I need you to follow through get in contact with your partner and send a ATC to your partner .. I don't want to black list anyone but if you don't abide with the swapping rules I will take your name off  the Blissfull site....

Thank you Wendy


  1. Uuuuummmm; what's an ATC swapping par'ner? You have me intrigued.

    ~ Yaya

  2. Well said, It is a disappointment and really not fair.

  3. Hi Wendy,

    Thank you for saying that. I'm still waiting for some returns on my swap, and others from other sites I joined. Lucky for me, I enjoy making things, so as long as I got to create something....I'm pretty good. I consider the trades I get as little works of art and I collect them in a special book that I consider my miniature art gallery. So ladies, please make sure you reciprocate, as there is someone waiting for your work of art.


  4. Yes Jane and I'd planned to go to the post office today, but then rememberd what day it was so I'll mail it tommorow... I posting about it on my blog later thank you it is wonderful.. Hugs wendy

  5. Thank you for the statement, it is disappointing and hard to say something to the guilty party. It's easier for them to say, hey I just don't have time this month count me out. Well said, and happy swapping!

  6. Hi Wendy,

    Gee sorry to hear that this is happening!!

    I hope that the problem will be cleared up soon. I so enjoy giving and receiving these wonderful works of Art!!

    Thank you Wendy and many Hugs,


  7. Hi Wendy, I cannot connect with Sherry to exchange addresses. My emails keep getting denied. What would you like me to do. Thanks, Sharon

  8. If you do make contact with Sherry, let me know..I've been trying her as well...I don't think she has posted anything in weeks and that is very unusual.

    Thanks for posting about this, Wendy.

  9. Too bad Wendy. I received mine yesterday and have Susan's ready to mail but had to wait until tomorrow. I guess we sometimes had things come up. You are right to bring this up as you are brave enough to be the administer. Thanks Wendy.

  10. Does anyone have Debbie C's email? She's my partner for November, but I can't seem to find her contact on her blog. Am I overlooking it?

  11. Karla and Amy are on track...don't worry!
    Thank you for the general reminder.
    Indeed it is not fair to be a part of a swap and then not follow through...we who love paper art must find time to honor our commitments.
    I am fully on board!
    Inky hugs, Karla

  12. Lelie I will email Debbie c address to you
    hugs wendy

  13. Thank you for stating the facts. Sometimes it is hard for someone to express their opinion in fear of someone misunderstanding.

  14. I would hope everyone would treat thier partner as they would like to be treated..and not forgotten..

    you are brave lady thanking on a swap this sioze Wendy...I love you for it my little ATC collection...

    Please everyone participate or drop out for the month until you can...makes for happy swapping for every one....and thats what we really are here for to have some fun and make new freinds..and grow our collections...

  15. Yes that is disappointing :(
    Did I miss partners for November? I signed up but I have not seen the list of partners yet.

  16. Patti you are with my I'v sent your ATC si hopfully you should get sometime next week

    hugs wendy


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